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Play Roulette at Myjackpot Casino
Of course you can go to the Myjackpot casino for one of the most played casino games in the world, the beautiful roulette game. Who does not know it, anyone who has ever visited a casino must have seen the game and may have placed a bet on it. At Myjackpot casino you can play many forms and variants of this fascinating casino game, both against the computer and via a webcam in the Live casino of Myjackpot casino. Myjackpot casino offers the players a number of attractive variants of the roulette game including of course the European roulette and the American roulette game. The roulette games at Myjackpotcasino can be played with various bets so that for every player with a high or low budget, there is a nice variation. Of course, Myjackpot casino has provided all games with clear and clear rules so that you can see exactly how to play the game.

Play at Myjackpot casino roulette against the computer live or via the mobile casino
At Myjackpotcasino you can play the roulette game in various ways. You can play it against the computer, you can play it in the Live casino and you can play it on your mobile or iPad. That way you can play roulette wherever you are and whenever you want, if you only have a computer or telephone with internet connection.

At Myjackpot casino you can play roulette against the computer, both for money and for free. You do not need to download any special software for this you can play these roulette games directly from your computer. The advantage of playing roulette for free is that you can see exactly how a certain variant should be played and what you can expect if you play it with real money. You simply click on "funplay" after which the game opens and you get a certain amount to practice the game. Of course you can not collect the prizes that you win in this case for that you have to play with real money.

In the Live casino of Myjackpot casino you can play different types of roulette with various betting options. You then play against a real croupier who sees you turning the roulette wheel and sees the game lead. In this way you can experience the excitement and atmosphere of a real casino from your own home. Of course you can only play live roulette at Myjackpotcasino for real money.

Playing mobile roulette and mobile casino games is getting more popular every day. You can also use mobile gaming at Myjackpot casino. There are many beautiful casino games to play via your mobile or iPad so that you can bet online wherever you are and whenever you want. Also the roulette game, the European roulette, is available at Myjackpotcasino for your mobile or iPad and you can play this both for money and for free.

Purpose of the roulette game
The purpose of playing roulette, whichever variant, is to predict the number on which the ball will fall in the roulette wheel. Here you try to win as much money as possible with your bet on a song or a combination of numbers. There are various options for betting, for example on one or more numbers, a combination of numbers, the color red or black or on the even or odd numbers. The prizes you win depend on the bet you have made. For example, if you bet on 1 number, that will yield more than if you bet on for example. The chance that the ball falls on red is many times greater than that it falls on your chosen number.