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Nederlands casino

Myjackpot casino is mainly aimed at players in the Netherlands and in Belgium. At this moment the Myjackpotcasino site is entirely in English and this has everything to do with the transition to the legalization of online games in the Netherlands. The KSA has established certain rules that allow the playing of online games of chance, including the requirement that the online casinos do not offer their sites in the Dutch language but in the English language. Myjackpotcasino wants to fully cooperate and therefore in their site at this moment not in the Dutch language but in the English language. At the moment of legalization, these requirements will change again and Myjackpotcasino will be able to simply convert their site into the Dutch language again. Nothing changes, you can safely and safely gamble at Myjackpotcasino on a wide range of fair casino games with a high payout percentage.

Online gambling at Myjackpotcasino
If you want to go online gambling at Myjackpotcasino with real money then you must of course create an account. This is very simple. On the appropriate page on the Myjackpotcasino website, you enter the necessary information such as your name, username, password, address, date of birth, e-mail address and so on. This is a one-off. This data is processed by Myjackpotcasino and within a few minutes you will receive an email in which you can activate your account. After that you can log in with your username and password and you can immediately start playing on the nice casino games at Myjackpotcasino. After your registration you receive a small amount, 5 euro, of free bonus money with which you can play one of the casino games at Myjackpotcasino and get acquainted with Myjackpotcasino.

All games are free to play at Myjackpotcasino. You can easily indicate this by clicking on "funplay" at the game of your choice. You will then receive a certain amount with which you can practice the game and see what it has to offer. Of course it is much more fun and exciting to play with real money at Myjackpotcasino. You can then collect the prizes that you win in real life. You will of course have to deposit money into your account for this. The first deposit you make at Myjackpotcasino is rewarded with a nice welcome bonus. This is doubled to an amount of 250 euro extra play money. Keep in mind that there are always certain conditions for unlocking bonus money. Therefore read the bonus conditions of Myjackpotcasino well, that way you do not come to unexpected surprises and you know exactly what you can do with the bonus money.

Safe and trustworthy
Because the Myjackpot casino is currently not in the Dutch language, they meet the requirements of the KSA and you can safely and reliably gamble on a complete range of casino games. Myjackpotcasino uses the latest techniques in the field of security and encryption and is extremely careful with your personal information. This way you can be 100% sure that you can play at the most beautiful, fair and exciting casino games at a good and safe casino.