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Play casino slots at Myjackpot Casino
Of the more than 300 casino games that you can play at Myjackpot casino, the largest group consists of casino slots. Myjackpot casino has plenty of exciting, nicely executed and special slot machines. These casino slots all have their own theme and feature colorful and graphically very nicely executed symbols. All these slots can be played both for free and for money and you do not need to download special software for this. All Myjackpotcasino slot machines can be played directly from your computer. The casino slots of Myjackpot Casino are all provided with a clear explanation. You can find it again if you click on the tab with "info". When you have opened the Myjackpotcasino site and click on the tab with "Casino" you get a nice and clear overview of all the games that you can play at Myjackpotcasino. You will also see the Top 5 slot games and the latest casino slots that they have added to their assortment on the relevant page.

Types of casino slots at Myjackpot Casino
The types of slot machines at Myjackpot Casino can be divided into the following groups:

3 reel slot machines - these are casino slots where you play the game on three reels
5 reel slot machines - this is by far the largest group of casino slots and you play the game on 5 reels
Progressive slots - these are the casino slots where you can win a progressive jackpot. These jackpots often run up to many thousand, sometimes millions of euros. One of the best known jackpot casino slot machines is the beautiful Mega

Moolah video slot
This is a spacious layout of the casino slots at Myjackpot casino. There are also, for example, casino slots with special bonus games and extra features that make the odds even bigger.

Jackpot casino slot machines at Myjackpotcasino
Of course you can also play at Myjackpotcasino a large selection of casino slots with a jackpot. This allows you to win huge amounts. There are for example casino slots at Myjackpot Casino with a so-called "progressive jackpot". If a casino slot has a progressive jackpot then you can win up to millions of euros. This is because the game is linked via various online casinos and every time a player with real money plays on the particular casino slot machine, a small part of the bet goes to the progressive jackpot causing it to rise quickly. If this jackpot is won somewhere, this jackpot starts again with a certain amount so that it never reaches zero.

Play casino slots with bonus
Myjackpot casino regularly adds new casino slots to their already extensive range of video slots. This is often accompanied by special bonuses or promotions in the form of free spins or free play money. If you are a player at Myjackpotcasino, you will be informed by e-mail. Because of this you can often get acquainted with the new games for free and you stay completely up-to-date with what Myjackpotcasino has to offer.

Play casino slots on your mobile at Myjackpotcasino
There are also many nice casino slots available at Myjackpotcasino. They are the largest group of mobile casino games and you can also use them for money as well as for free. That way you can quickly fill up a lost hour while you also have a chance of winning great prizes. All you have to do to gamble on the casino slots of Myjackpotcasino is to download the special app, you can play wherever you are and whenever you want.