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Play blackjack at Myjackpotcasino
Do you like to play the beautiful casino game Blackjack then you can go to Myjackpot casino for the online play of blackjack, both against the computer and in the Live casino of Myjackpot casino. All variants of the blackjack game which Myjackpot casino offers their players are clearly arranged on their site. You can now play more than 20 variants, both free and for money. At every blackjack game, Myjackpot casino has a clear explanation so you know exactly how to play the game and what you can expect. For every player there is an exciting variant and for every budget there is a blackjack game because there are blackjack games to play with both high and low bets.

Mobile, Live and flash Blackjack play at Myjackpotcasino
Myjackpotcasino offers no less than three different options for playing blackjack. All three of these ways of playing blackjack you can play whenever you want. Myjackpot casino is always accessible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way you can always take a chance on this beautiful and popular game which can be played in more than 20 variations at Myjackpot casino.

You can play blackjack against the computer in many different forms and with various betting options. Since these games are programmed in flashy you can play them directly from your computer without having to download special software. The advantage of this way of playing blackjack is that you can do it for money as well as for free. The free play of blackjack gives you the opportunity to practice the game and to see what the various variants you have to offer before you play it with real money.

Playing blackjack in the Live casino of Myjackpot casino gives an extra dimension to the game. You experience the excitement and atmosphere of a real casino while you are at home at your computer. Of course you can only play Live blackjack with real money it is always the real world. You play against real croupiers who see you sharing the cards and who lead the games.

Are you on the go or do you have to wait a long time, then you can fill these lost hours by playing your favorite casino games on your mobile. You can also play the blackjack game via your mobile or iPad at Myjackpot casino. Install the special app on your device and you can play whenever and wherever you want, both free and for real money.

In short, play rules and the purpose of playing Blackjack.
Blackjack is probably the only casino game in the world with the highest odds. This is because as a player you still have a certain control. For the players who are not so familiar with playing the exciting blackjack game, we will briefly mention the purpose of the blackjack game and the game rules.

Aim for playing blackjack is to get 21 points with the cards you have gotten or to get as close as possible without going over it. Here you play against the bank / croupier. The one closest to the 21 points that has won. If you go over it you will always have lost.

The game is played as follows. The croupier / bank shares the cards and you get two open cards. If you have an ace and a ten immediately you have a natural blackjack and you win your bet one and a half times. If the croupier also has a blackjack then it is a tie and you get your bet back. If you do not have a ten and an ace, you can opt for extra cards or you can stop. This of course depends on the number of points you have with your cards. The croupier must continue taking new cards until he has a point total of less or equal to 16 points and must stop at a point number of 17 or more.